Paradigm Shift ~ The Paradigm of Eve



Mature Content ~ 

I held the smooth, cold, stainless steel thumb sized canister in my hand… oscillating back and forth… to inject or not..?.


I had used Ps472 only once before.   It was because of a work related injury that I still have not physically overcome.  Emotionally, yes due to this miracle drug.

The drug contains a small amount of propranolol.  A light tap of my forefinger at the base of the small tube like canister- delivering a high velocity jet of liquid that breaches the speed of sound into my skin… the drug racing through my blood stream in less than a millisecond.


While Ps472 did not erase the memory of my traumatic experience, it did neutralize the emotional pain of those life altering 2 hours.  It feels like incident number 02×4215 occurred 10 years rather than 10 days ago.


I had been shot in my left shoulder after answering a call of an outpost security breach.   Two of our men were fatally shot, 2 other fellow comrades, along with myself seriously injured.  And one of the intruders killed… by me.

I can still recall the sights and sounds and smell of the incident.  And the blood… feeling the blood run down my shoulder, down my arm… feeling so light-headed…


Thinking… ‘Some fool shot me.’ Before he could take another shot I was able to neutralize him with a fatal flare from my weapon.


And as I played with the cool stainless steel tube in my hand…  knew it would help again… help the memory fade… of a very personal intimate nature…  all

Because of him…


The last time I saw him, smelt him, touched, kissed…held him… felt in sync with him was over 3 months.  I went to his outpost on required Holiday.   Packed light. I quizzed, “what should I bring?”  I believe his words were “clothing is optional.”  I did wear an Egyptian Blue lace camisole with navy blue lace panties underneath my standard issued midnight black jeans and coal-black cotton long-sleeved shirt.   Oh… he very much enjoyed unwrapping this package…


Damn him.  It would be so much easier if I didn’t love him.  I tried to tell him the last time we were together.But I do. And I couldn’t get the words out.


~ The Queen Bee~

Probably because of her.  His number one.  The Queen Bee.  She has been a point of contention from the beginning.  There are times when he refers to her by name.  And then times he refers to her as “this woman that I’m seeing here at Base 15.”  One of the women, anyway.





Scifi Drama (with a sweet Twist of Terror) ~

~Winter 2019



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