Joy of Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning can be a chore.. This year I have decided it will not be. I will make it as pleasant as possible. A few friends suggested the KonMari Method.
The What? was my reply.

I did some online research and was impressed. It’s a different approach. Cleaning by Not only decluttering, but by organization that makes sense.

Step one is : Getting rid of stuff. That will make it so much easier to organize.
I did alot of that last year.

For tips, click on to the    The Coffee & Cake  links below:



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Take a look at : Facebook  Market Place

Buy Nothing”*Your City* Groups on Facebook 

Rummage/Garage/Estate Sales

  Donate to local charities

☕🍰 & 13 Best Selling Apps to Help Get Rid of Your Stuff

Great Life Hack article to check out 

☕️🍰 A Declutter Formula

   🍰☕ What is the KonMari Method?

🍰☕ Some Drawer, Shelf , Kitchen Organizers to get you started


New Year, New Journey, New Start

It all starts with your Home.


And Now: 

☕️🍰Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies    &    ☕️🍰Raspberry Mocha Latte