About – My Journey.. into Erotica

me…. I’m  a vibrant, astute, sensual, funny (like to color outside the lines), at times geeky woman in my mid 50’s… that is experiencing this sexual expansion.. that includes

exploring erotica.. in print and photos..

and now writing & sharing erotic musings/stories…. 

I give credit to Conor (yes, name changed to protect the guilty).    This Splendiferous  man has turned me on in so many ways …intellectually, physically & yes, at times emotionally.. 

Calls,  Skype.. and emails.. some of which

   have been extremely salacious.. sharing fantasies.. in some very hot, vivid detail..

Dear Reader.. join me on this Journey… 

   This journey .. of fun, joy, exploration has also had it’s low moments.. of hurt …frustration.. .miscommunication  ..  and misunderstanding.   I’ll be sharing that as well.

Emails /thoughts that I am compiling into an ebook  about my journey with a man .. I finally met in person ~  


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