Field Of Bones

The Year is 2027, Artifical Intelligent Personal Assistants have become an integral part of our lives, including but not limited to confidants. The EVE series is an Advanced Artifical Intelligent System. In this Dark SciFi Drama, EVE is the friend and confidant of Ruby Grace, aka Indira Frances O’Connell. A two- time murderess, First time was when she killed her cousin, she was twelve. The second time, she was in her mid 50’s and killed her lover’s mistress in a blind rage. Rolled her body in a blue tarp and with great difficulty placed it into a Brushed Silver Range Rover. A blue burrito in a brushed silver wrapper.

The mistress had learned her true identity, her very dark secret, her Field of Bones. Was her death necessary?.

This Dark SciFi, Dark Humor Story is Ruby’s Diary Confession recorded by EVE. This eBook contains Adult Content.

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